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Gaging Fixture Systems

Zero Spindle

The Zero Spindle is a complete inspection system for checking concentricity, squareness, and roundness.

The Zero Spindle System features:

ACCURATE: To less than .000025" T.I.R.

RUGGED: Suitable for the production floor

VERSATILE : Combine with arbors, chucks, face plates, or specially designed fixtures.

ECONOMICAL: Laboratory accuracy at shop floor prices.

Threaded Hole Locating Plugs & Centerline Flex Plugs


For concentricity and squareness applications, please email or fax Stark a part drawing at 330-966-5110.

Surveillance Masters

Micrometers, Calipers, Circular Geometry Measuring Equipment, and Coordinate Measuring Machines require regularly scheduled calibration to insure accuracy and compliance to standards. Glastonbury Southern offers Surveillance Masters to meet these requirements.

Micrometer Masters

Caliper Masters

Depth Micrometer Masters

Geometric Chek


Z-Axis Chek

Portions of above text reproduced with permission of Glastonbury/Southern Gage.