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Food Processing

Metal Can Seaming

From seaming chucks to seaming rolls and other can tooling components, Stark Industrial has been involved in making sure food is canned efficiently and safely for over 20 years.  We work closely with lid manufacturers and companies running low to high volume canning operations.  We specialize in difficult lid geometry and surface texture where the tooling meets the can.  From soup cans to tank shell cans, steel to paper cans, we have extensive experience to assist in your operation running longer, faster and more accurately.

Canning Gages

In 1998 we combined our extensive knowledge of canning and dimensional inspection to design and build a complete line of gaging for standard, easy open, and aerosol lids.  We have over a dozen different measuring stations you can choose and we will mount them on a plate for easy use.  Please see our can gaging page for more information.