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Surgical Tools

Stark Industrial uses the latest in high speed, multi-axis machining technology to produce some of the most innovative medical devices.  With a specific focus on non-implantable devices, we work closely with each customer to exceed their expectations, those that are on drawings and those that are intangible and aesthetic.  We excel at custom instruments tailored to the individual needs of a surgeon or procedure.

Cannulated Devices

Utilizing our small hole drilling technology we are well suited to putting holes through all types of instruments.  From small lots to production runs, we can quickly accommodate your supply chain.

Medical Gages

From orthopedic screws and plates, to knees, hips and syringes we've manufactured a wide variety of medical gaging.  Have a special thread profile in your bone screw?  We can manufacture gaging for it.  Need to measure the rasp profile on a femoral component or the surface profile on an acetabular cup?  We have solutions for profile and roundness measurement to ensure your parts are in tolerance and traceable.

Sample devices: