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Seaming Chucks

Seaming chucks are devices used in food processing to hold a can end during the seaming (or closing) process. For over 40 years Stark Industrial has supplied seaming chucks for all types of canning from small 211 ends to specialized chucks for canning tank shells for the M1A1 Abrams Tank. Don't have a chuck drawing? No problem. We can design and fit a chuck to your lid for no extra charge!

Styles include:

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Stark Industrial's engineers can offer solutions to your design problems. We can design seaming chucks to custom-fit can ends to minimize slippage and sealing problems. We specialize in the surface texture, tribology, of the anvil to get the best fit and release on your lid.


Stark Industrial manufactures a variety of round and non-round seaming chucks on our state-of-the-art equipment  in our North Canton, Ohio facility. Contour tracing is employed in the design and manufacture of seaming chucks and also to troubleshoot possible end faults or excess variations. Fast lead times are standard and special considerations may be made for emergencies.


Coatings increase chuck life and enhance chuck-to-end fit. Stark Industrial offers many coatings for your seaming chucks such as:


Traceability is paramount in troubleshooting. While few companies in the industry offer this service, Stark Industrial offers several ways to trace your seaming chuck's integrity.